Palestinian Studies

2016 Workshop



Ahmad Amara
Judaic Studies, New York University
Indigeneity in Palestinian Studies: Between Political and Legal Indigeneity

Joel Beinin
Professor of Middle East History, Stanford University
Approaches to Research on Palestine and the Palestinians

Emilio Dabed
Palestine and Law Fellow, Columbia University
Position Paper

Nadia Hijab
Co-founder of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network.
Purpose of and Audience for Research on Palestine and the Palestinians.

Rashid Khalidi
Professor of Arab Studies, Columbia University
Chair of History Department, Columbia University
The Future of Palestine Studies

Zachary Lockman
Professor of Middle East Studies, New York University.

Mazen Masri
Lecturer in Law, City, University of London
Some Comments on Questions on Approaches to Research on Palestine and the Palestinians

Sreemati Mitter
History, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST)
Approaches to Research on Palestine and the Palestinians

Julie Peteet
Director of Middle East and Islamic Studies, University of Louisville
Provocations and the Indigenous Category.

Shira Robinson
Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University
Approaches to Research on Palestine and the Palestinians.  

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
Post-doctoral Fellow at the Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University

Sherene Seikaly
Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara
Eroding Borders, Expanding Horizons: The Political of Palestinian Studies. 

Gershon Shafir
Professor of Sociology, University of California, San Diego
Veiled Discrimination and Vigilantism against Israel's Citizen Palestinians

Yehouda Shenhav
Professor of Sociology, Tel-Aviv University
Zionist Sovereignty (and the Arab Jews)

Chairs and Discussants

Faiz Ahmed
Assistant Professor of History, Brown University

Qussay Al-Attabi
Comparative Literature, Brown University

Beshara Doumani
Professor of Modern Middle East History, Brown University
Director of Middle East Studies, Brown University

Keisha-Khan Perry
Associate Professor of Africana Studies

Special Guest

Haneen Zoabi
Member, Israeli Knesset, Tajamoe/Joint Arab List

Registered Participants

Ariella Azoulay, Professor of Comparative Literature and Modern Culture and Media, Brown Uniersity

Parsa Bastani, Dept. of Anthropology, Brown University

Nitsan Chorev, Professor of Sociology and International Studies, Director of Development Studies, Brown University

Hilary Falb Kalisman, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

Katharina Galor, Visiting Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies, Brown University

Julia Gettle, Dept. of History, Brown University

Weeam Hammoudeh, Dept. of Sociology, Brown University

Sara Hefny, Dept. of Anthropology, Brown University

Omar Jabary Salamanca, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of MESAAS, Columbia University

Peter Mahklouf, Middle East Studies Concentrator, Brown University

Maud Mandel, Professor of History and Judaic Studies, Dean of the College, Brown University

Brinkley Messick, Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University

Chana Morgenstern, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Dept. of Comparative Literature, Brown University

Adi Ophir, Visiting Professor of Humanities and Middle East Studies, Brown University

Maen Owda, Middle East Studies Concentrator, Brown University

Nicola Perugini, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian and Middle East Studies, Brown University

Danya Qato, PhD Health and Pharmaceutical Services Research

Hilary Rantisi, Director of the Middle East Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

Julia Shatz, Dept. of History, University of California-Berkeley

Naoko Shibusawa, Associate Professor of History, Brown University

Christian Sorensen, Teacher

Michael Steinberg, Professor of History and Music, Professor of German Studies, Vice-Provost for the Arts, Brown University

Samee Sulaiman, Dept. of Anthropology, Brown University

Sarah Tobin, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Associate Director of Middle East Studies, Brown University

Elizabeth Williams, Postdoctoral Fellow In International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute, Brown University

Alex Winder, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University