Palestinian Studies

2020 Workshop



Ahmad Amara

Lecturer, New York University Tel-Aviv
The "Holy Lands" of Jerusalm: Waqf/Trust Land and Inter-Communal Relations

Elizabeth Bentley

PhD Candidate in Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of English, University of Arizona
Owning Extinction: Tracing Rhetorical Figurations of the Last Crocodile in Palestine

Kjersti G. Berg

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Chr. Michelsen Institute
From Mu’askar to Shu’fat camp: Humanitarian Contradictions and Refugees’ Struggles to Belong in Jerusalem

Suhad Bishara

PhD Candidate in Law, King's College London
Legalities of Indigeneity and the Politics of Power in Palestine

Munir Fakher Eldin

Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Birzeit University
British Land Reform and the Frontier Situation in Palestine

Lucy Garbett

PhD Student in Earth and Environmental Science, City University of New York
Land Contestation and Class Formation in Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Families

Clayton Goodgame

PhD Candidate in Anthropology, London School of Economics
Custodians of Descent: The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Family Waqf 

Nour Joudah

PhD Candidate in Geography, University of California Los Angeles
Palestinian Countermapping: Reclaiming Pasts and Futures via Archives and Design

Paul Kohlbry

Palestinian Studies Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University
Ownership without Guarantees: Palestinian Titles, Settler Markets, and the Problem of the Future

Elya Milner

PhD Candidate, Department of Politics and Government, Ben Gurion University
Ownership as a Battleground: The Politics of Planning and Land in Israel/Palestine [Co-author: Haim Yacobi]

Fadia Panosetti

Ph.D. Fellow at the Centre for International Cooperation and Development Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Evolving Regimes of Land Use and Ownership in the West Bank: Between Dispossession, Resistance to it, and Neoliberalism [Co-author: Laurence Roudart]

Caitlin Procter

Max Weber Postdoctoral Research Fellow, European University Institute
Visit Gaza: Promoting Ownership of Public Space in the Gaza Strip

Tareq Radi

PhD Student in American Studies, New York University
Cultivating Credit: Financialized Urbanization is Alienation!

Terry Rempel

Independent Researcher
Custodians of Law: Palestine Refugees, Property Rights, Legal Paradigms (1948-1968)

Randa Wahbe

PhD Candidate in Anthropology, Harvard University 
Martyrs as State Property: The Cemeteries of Numbers as a Case Study in Body Commodification 

Haim Yacobi

Professor of Development Planning, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London
Ownership as a Battleground: The Politics of Planning and Land in Israel/Palestine [Co-author: Elya Milner]


Sa'ed Atshan

Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Swarthmore College

Beshara Doumani

Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Brown University

Rashid Khalidi

Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies, Columbia University

Shiri Pasternak

Assistant Professor in Criminology, Ryerson University in Toronto

Sherene Seikaly

Associate Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara

Guests and Attendees

Thomas AbowdTufts University

Nadje Al-AliBrown University

Qussay Al-Attabi, Kenyon College

Rawan ArarUniversity of Washington

Ariella AzoulayBrown University

Amahl Bishara, Tufts University

Rosie BsheerHarvard University

Kate Creasey, Brown University

Emily DrumstaBrown University

Julia GettleBrown University

Leila FarsakhUniversity of Massachusetts Boston

Ilana Feldman, George Washington University

Zachary LockmanNew York University

Omar MasriMunib and Angela Masri Foundation

Penelope Mitchell, Palestinian American Research Center

Sreemati MitterBrown University

Adi OphirBrown University

Sherena RazekBrown University

Samee SulaimanBrown University

Maia Tabet, Journal of Palestine Studies

Lana TatourColumbia University

Alex WinderBrown University

Lydia Zakel, Indiana University


Beshara Doumani
Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Professor of History, Brown University

Paul Kohlbry
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Palestinian Studies, Brown University