Palestinian Studies

2015 Workshop



Toufoul Abou-Hodeib
University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
The Politics of Palestinian Folklore: Embroidery in The Diaspora

Ala Alazzeh
Birzeit University ─ West Bank, Palestine
State, Hegemony, and Re-Signification: Framing Resistance 

Ryvka Barnard
New York University ─ New York, New York, USA
Tourism, Heritage, and Narratives in/of Public Space in Occupied Bethlehem

Amahl Bishara
Tufts University ─ Medford, Massachusetts, USA
Varieties of Colonialism and the Politics of Fracture: Palestinian Acts of Speaking Together, Apart

Nell Gabiam
Iowa State University ─ Iowa, USA
Mapping Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora: Affective Attachments and Political Spaces.  

Rania Jawad
Birzeit University ─ West Bank, Palestine
Theatre in Palestine and its Other Documents

Jennifer Kelly
University of Texas at Austin ─ Austin, Texas, USA
Tourism under Occupation: Post-Oslo Fragmentation and the Labor of Narration

Chana Morgenstern
Brown University ─ Providence, RI, USA

Maha Nassar
University of Arizona ─ Tucson, Arizona, USA
Boycott and Solidarity at the 1968 World Youth Festival

Dina Omar
Yale University ─ New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Razing Rights/Rites of the Dead: Subjectivity and the Reconfiguration of Burial Sites and Practices

Sharri Plonski
School of Oriental and African Studies ─ London, UK
Unruly Resistance: Challenging the Borders of Palestinian Space inside Israel

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury
Mada al-Carmel, The Arab Center for Applied Social Research ─ Haifa, Israel 
The Zionist Left, Settler-Colonial Practices and the Nakba in Marj Ibn-Amer, 1936–1956 

Hanan Toukan
Free University ─ Berlin, Germany
The Paintbrush Is Mightier than the M16: On Imaging and Imagining Palestine in the Global Community

Gabriel Varghese
University of Exeterm ─ Exeter, UK
Acting of the Pain of Others

Polly Withers
University of Exeter ─ Exeter, UK
"I'm Not a Palestinian Musician, I am a Musician Who Happens To Be Palestinian": Negotiating Nationalisms in Youth Popular Music in Palestine

Nadia Yaqub
University of North Carolina ─ Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Opacity and Encounters in Palestinian Film


Amal Amireh
George Mason University ─ Fairfax, VA, USA

Nadia Hijab
Al-Shabaka ─ Washington, DC, USA

Rhoda Kanaaneh
Columbia University ─ New York, NY, USA

Zachary Lockman
New York University ─ New York, NY, USA

Brinkley Messick
Columbia University ─ New York, NY, USA

Ilan Pappé
University of Exeter ─ Exeter, UK

Julie Peteet
University of Louisville ─ Louisville, KY, USA

Nadim Rouhana
The Fletcher School, Tufts University ─ Medford, MA, USA

Special Guests

Hanan Ashrawi
Legislator, Activist, and Scholar; Ramallah, Palestine

Hani Masri
Director General of Masarat ─ Ramallah, PALESTINE
Palestinian Options and Strategic Alternatives

Salim Tamari
Institute for Palestine Studies Senior Fellow


Beshara Doumani
Professor of Modern Middle East History, Brown University
Director of Middle East Studies, Brown University