Palestinian Studies

2019 Workshop



Sabrien Amrov

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Home in Virtual Reality: Faux Intimacy and the Targeting of Palestinian Homes

Lauren Banko

Lecturer in Middle East History, Yale University
"As Bad and Precarious as a Death Sentence": Deportation, the Loss of Homes, and the Loss of Livelihoods during the Palestinian Mandate

Rana Barakat

Assistant Professor of History, Birzeit University
Telling a Story of Loss: Home Re/imagined and Un-imagined

Nimrod Ben Zeev

PhD Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania
Racialization, Masculinity, and Social Mobility: Palestinian Citizens of Israel in the Construction Industry, 1949–1973

Tom Brocket

PhD Graduate in Social and Cultural Geography, University College London
Attachments and Asymmetries: Palestinian-American Homes from the Perspective of Second-Generation Migrants 

Michelle Campos

Associate Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, University of Florida
Reconstructing Palestinian Households in the Late Ottoman Period: Archival Trails and Digital Footprints

Heidi Morrison
Associate Professor of History, University Of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Narratives of Childhood, Trauma, and Home during the Second Intifada

Danya M. Qato

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine
On (Dis)placement and Health in Palestine

Jacob Norris

Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern History, University of Sussex
Mobile Homes: Bethlehem Merchants and the Refashioning of Palestinian Homes in the Late Ottoman Period

Kareem Rabie

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, American University
Housing and the Future of Palestine 

Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Bard College
Airbnb in Palestine: Notes toward an Anthropology of Occupied "Home-Sharing"


Nadje Al-Ali

Robert Family Professor in Middle East Studies, Brown University

Amahl Bishara

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Tufts University

Beshara Doumani

Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Brown University

Leila Farsakh

Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Andrew Ross

Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University

Guests and Attendees

Nasser Abourahme, Princeton University

Nayrouz Abu Hatoum, Columbia University

Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University

Faiz Ahmed, Brown University

Rawan Arar, Brown University

Anil Askin, Brown University

Mary Tuti Baker, Brown University

Shahzad Bashir, Brown University

Nadim Bawalsa, Friends Seminary

Brian Boyd, Columbia University

Kate Creasey, Brown University

Amal Eqeiq, Williams College

Hilary Falb Kalisman, University of Colorado Boulder

Dotan Halevy, Columbia University

Frances Hasso, Duke University

Sarah Ihmoud, Boston University

Eileen Kane, Connecticut College

Joseph Leidy, Brown University

Taylor Kathryn Miller, University of Arizona

Penelope Mitchell, Palestinian American Research Center

Issam Nassar, Illinois State University

Adi Ophir, Brown University

Marie Ostby, Connecticut College

Tareq Radi, New York University

Hilary Rantisi, Harvard University

Caroleen Sayej, Connecticut College

Jon Soske, McGill University

Maia Tabet, Journal of Palestine Studies

Salim Tamari, Columbia University

Meltem Toksoz, Brown University

Marshall Watson, Yale University

Aslı Zengin, Brown University


Beshara Doumani

Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Brown University

Alex Winder

Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies, Brown University