Palestinian Studies

2014 Workshop

Mayssun Succarie

Mayssun Succarie joins Middle East Studies as the inaugural Cogut Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities and Modern Arab Culture and Society. Succarie is an ideal candidate for the post, which has an emphasis on social movements and youth culture in a global context. She has extensive ethnographic field experience in Lebanon, Jordan, the Gulf States, Iraq, and Egypt. Her work examines the flow of ideas between global centers of power and capital through the Arab region, with a particular critical emphasis on the construction and transformation of neoliberal ideology and power. She has served as a postdoctoral fellow at Colombia University, and is a visiting assistant professor at American University of Cairo, American University of Beirut. She holds a PhD in Anthropology and Education from University of California, Berkeley, and an MA and BA from the American University of Beirut.