Palestinian Studies

Palestinian Studies | "Reassessing the British Mandate in Palestine" Conference

October 26, 2022

Conference Poster

The Palestinian Studies Initiative at Brown, in conjunction with several other research centers and institutions, is co-sponsoring the Institute for Palestine Studies' conference titled "Reassessing the British Mandate in Palestine." The conference will be held at Birzeit University from Monday, October 31 to Wednesday, November 2. 

The British Mandate (1922-1948) represents over a quarter-century in the modern history of Palestine during which the groundwork was laid for the usurpation of Palestinian political rights and the establishment of a Zionist state. It was also a period of vibrant Palestinian mobilization, which was already in motion during the late Ottoman era, and through the mandate, reaching its height during the rebellion of 1936-1939—across cities and the countryside—to respond to newly emerging realities.

It is this vibrancy that the conference seeks to explore. Beyond treating the Mandate as a legal and political system, the conference revisits the social, legal, cultural, economic, and political history of Palestine and Palestinians during the Mandate period. It brings together scholars from Chile to Palestine and beyond, working on a wide array of disciplines and topics.

Please find more information about the conference, including the schedule, here