Palestinian Studies

The Endurance of Palestinian Political Factions

An Everyday Perspective From Nahr el-Bared Camp

About the Author: 

Perla Issa is a researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut, Lebanon. She is also a documentary filmmaker.

Description: The Endurance of Palestinian Political Factions is an ethnographic study of Palestinian political factions in Lebanon through an immersion in daily home life. Perla Issa asks how sometimes unpopular and discredited political factions remain the center of political life in the Palestinian camps in diaspora. Through an examination of the daily, mundane practices of refugees in Nahr el-Bared camp in particular, this book shows how intimate, interpersonal and kin-based relations are transformed into political networks and offers a fresh analysis of how those networks are in turn metamorphosed into political structures. By providing a detailed and intimate account of this process, this book reveals how factions are produced and reproduced in everyday life even often despite widespread condemnation.

August 2021 Paperback

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