Palestinian Studies

Winter 2021 Edition of the Jerusalem Quarterly, "Who Owns Palestine?"

February 1, 2022

The Winter 2021 issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly has arrived, featuring two articles that were first presented at the 2020 New Directions in Palestinian Studies workshop, "Who Owns Palestine?"

Elizabeth Bentley's article "Between Extinction and Dispossession: A Rhetorical Historiography of the Last Palestinian Crocodile (1870–1935)" intertwines the story of the extinction of the Palestinian crocodile with violent histories of colonial resources extraction, racialized labor exploitation, and indigenous human dispossession. 

Kjersti G. Berg's "Mu'askar and Shu'fat: Retracing the Histories of Two Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jerusalem" addresses the erasure of refugees' presence in the Old City of Jerusalem, where they lived in the informal Mu'askar camp for nearly two decades; the contradictions of planning a longterm refugee camp in Shu'fat, to which the inhabitants of Mu'askar were removed in 1966; and the evolution of relations of belonging and ownership within these camps. 

Two further articles originating in the 2020 NDPS workshop will appear in the Spring 2022 issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly.