Omar Jabary Salamanca

Omar Jabary Salamanca is an urban geographer and Marie Curie Postdoc fellow currently based at the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University. His work lies at the intersection of urban studies, settler colonialism, political economy and Middle East studies. Drawing on the histories and geographies of road and electricity infrastructure in Palestine, his dissertation examined the ways these socio-technical networks are constructed, imagined and governed but also how they are experienced and contested. Currently he is revising his dissertation into a book manuscript. Recent work considers colonial and post-colonial geographies of infrastructure, settler urbanism, theories of socio-materiality, urban political ecology, energy politics as well as social movements and resistance. Omar is an editorial board member of the journal Antipode, contributor to the Jadaliyya Cities Page Network, member of the steering committee of the International Critical Geography Group, and programmer for Eye On Palestine Arts and Film Festival and Palestine Cuts series.
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